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how to Apogee Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge

Apogee Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge Apogee’s new Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge ($995) isn’t a tool for everyone. Rather, it’s designed to be a useful tool that a niche audience of audio engineers, especially those who are already invested in Apogee’s Symphony I/O audio interface system, will appreciate. It allows users to connect the high-end audio equipment to their Macs over Thunderbolt for the first time.Why is a Thunderbolt important when it comes to audio engineering? One word: speed. Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge allows for almost zero latency between the audio interface and your computer. Additionally, it supports up to 64 channels of input and output. Apogee included a second Thunderbolt on the back of the unit, allowing you to daisy-chain multiple devices if you only have one port on your Mac.

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