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Apogee Electronics Quartet Because of the price and functionality, it’s easy to say that Apogee Electronics’ new Quartet ($1,295) isn’t for everyone. But for those looking to do high-end desktop audio recording on their Macs, this is an appealing option: a sophisticated new USB audio interface with a beautiful design, giving professional musicians total control over the recording experience. Plus, it comes from Apogee, a company that knows sound quality.Quartet gives users all the I/O options they need, right out of the box. There are four analog inputs, six analog outputs, an optical input, and a MIDI connector. If you need to expand, you can add up to eight digital inputs. Additionally, there’s a stereo headphone output for monitoring. Our favorite part of the design and functionality is the pair of OLED screens that change based on the controls you need. Pair those with the attractive large silver dial and you’ve got a device high-end audio recording professionals should definitely check out.

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