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Aemula is a virtual PC mainly for running DOS programs, playing DOS games, and even install Windows 3.1. This app is started because the author wanted to play his old time favorite CIV2 on ARM powered tablets. To make this dream come true, this emulator is implemented with hand optimized assembler and multi threading emulation to squeeze every bit out of your dual core tablet. Under the humble cover is a beast that can turn your device into a cutting edge PC in the early 90s.

• i486 PC emulation, capable of running DOS622/Windows 3.1.
• CPU Speed adjustable on the fly. When running at 10MIPS, its speed is comparable to 80486DX 66MHz (As reported by Norton sysinfo).
• Floppy disk drive, Harddisk, and CDROM
• 8bit Sound blaster 2.0
• VGA / SVGA Cirrus5430
• Emulated Serial Mouse
• Emulated Joystick
• PC compatible keyboard
• Larger configurable keypad for gaming control
• Support external bluetooth keyboard


Unlike DOSBox, Aemula doesn’t emulate DOS directly. Instead, it comes with a Freedos boot disk. You can install MSDOS and Windows 3.1 on it. Visit for more help information.

This emulator is written in ARM assembler language, so it’s incompatible with “Intel Inside” devices, at least for now.

– Fix UI issues on phone
– Add “Ctrl-Break” key support. Please delete the rombios.bin under /sdcard/aemula, let the app generate a new one for you.


– UI compatible with HD phones


– UI Improvement: fullscreen in landscape mode
– External keyboard support


– Add SVGA (Cirrus 5430) emulation
Please delete your init.l file and let it regenerate.


– Make keyboard higher. Easier to target.
– UI improvement.

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AEMULA – 486 PC Emulator screenshots 1
AEMULA – 486 PC Emulator screenshots 1
AEMULA – 486 PC Emulator screenshots 2
AEMULA – 486 PC Emulator screenshots 2
AEMULA – 486 PC Emulator screenshots 3
AEMULA – 486 PC Emulator screenshots 3


AEMULA – 486 PC Emulator APK

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