51++iPhone Wallpapers Cool Packs For iPhone XR, iPhone XS and Android

A new update is now available and it includes the ability to set your own background for the displays.

iPhone Wallpapers Cool

Below are some iPhone wallpapers cool I whipped up that are simple but look great and so they are perfect for QHD, 4k, and 5k monitors as well as Smartphones, Tablets, MacBook, iMac, PC, or any other devices.

Desktop: Click on the thumbnail of the wallpaper you want. Click on the bottom right where it says “View full size”. When the image loads, right click and choose “Save Image As”. When you click “Save Image As”, you will be able to name the image and save it to a location of choice on your computer. You can also just drag the image to the desktop. Stay up to date with my latest posts by the posts from the site!

Mobile: Tap on the thumbnail of the wallpaper you want. Now tap and hold on the image until the “Save Image” option appears. When you click “Save Image” the wallpaper will appear in your Camera Roll.

iPhone Wallpapers Cool 4K Packs For iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, & Android

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